BOOKS on Irish Coins ... and a few others. (PLUS POSTAGE, unless otherwise indicated).

SEABY IRELAND/SCOTLAND. 1984, but still the ESSENTIAL standard reference: all pre-1824 Irish coins are primarily referred to by ‘Seaby Numbers’. 222 pp., green hard covers. 'New;, unopened, £15. Plus postage/packing: Abroad £6, UK £3.
SEABY, COINS & TOKENS OF IRELAND. 1970: ‘old’ valuations, but a fuller Gunmoney listing and 65 very detailed pages on Irish Tokens of all periods (omitted in the larger-format 1984 book) make this essential too. Almost as new. £12
DOWLE & FINN. Spink's 1969 GUIDE BOOK TO THE COINAGE OF IRELAND.127pp. Also essential! An extension of Seaby, as it includes Patterns, Voce Populi variants, and full bibliography. £18
1979 VALUES UPDATE to above, 34pp. Plates, market review £9 (rare).
SEABY, BRITISH TOKENS & Their Values, 1984 (update of 1970 edition). Harback, 200 pp: new, unused! Rare. £14
SIMON, "IRISH COINS" (1810). Luxury 1966 facsimile-reprint of just 2000 copies. Excellent on background/history of Irish issues, especially Gunmoney. Beautifully drawn plates, clear and accurate, including one of Tokens. 240 pages. Marbled green board covers, gold-blocked. 22 x 15.5 cms. Attractive, useful, collectable! Sealed in original carton. (Retails up to £40). POSTAGE INCLUDED: £25 (UK £21)
DOLLEY, MEDIEVAL ANGLO-IRISH COINS. 90pp. Incomparable! Packed with vital, detailed information. Full of info. that Seaby etc. have omitted. (No copy at present but about £45).
DOLLEY, SIGNED GIFT COPY: ANGLO-SAXON PENNIES. 1964, British Museum. Card covers, 15x22 cms. 48pp inc.16 Plates. Almost as new/unopened. Blue-penned in Gaelic "Blessings, Michael O'Dolley, Christmas 1965". £30
NELSON'S OBSIDIONAL MONEY. Irish and English Siege coins. 71pp. Full details and splendid photos of all issues. 1976 reprint of this important 1910 standard-work, still never superceded. As new. £17(sold)
THE GREEN LIST’ Spink's May 1970 special Irish Circular: selling (at mouth-watering 1970 prices!) 800+ items used for the 1969 DF catalogue above. Numerous plates, including their first in colour (Irish Gold Ring Money). Always a valuable reference, THIS copy with its pristine green covers is in mint state, fresh & unopened: an extremely rare collectible. £35
COIN CATALOGUE OF IRELAND. 1692-1969. Derek Young (1969), 82pp. Includes Yeates paper showing unadopted 1927-8 designs. 80pp.lnformative, collectable. Typical scuffs on glossy green cover (ink unstable). £12
ONLY 200 PRINTED: COINAGE AND BANKNOTES OF IRELAND 1928-93 by Chris Budesa, dedicated Modern Irish specialist. Privately printed. Lots of info. not available elsewhere. A ‘Collectors' Item’, too! £14 postpaid.
COLLECTORS COINS: IRELAND, 2000. 14x20 cms. Excellent introduction to Irish coins and their current values from the Vikings to today. Very detailed, lots of pictures,prices in 3 grades. 50 crammed pages. Outstanding value! £6
NUMISMATIC HISTORY OF IRELAND. Pennsylvania State University 1984. 30 large A4 pages, on art paper. Enlarged photos of superb EF+ Irish hammered & copper coins (mainly ex-CJD!). Very scarce mint copy. £14
THE EARLIEST IRISH COINAGE, O'Sullivan 1961, 47pp. The first modern and comprehensive introduction to Hiberno-Norse: drawings of every type, photos of 83 NMI coins. Fore-runner to Dolley's 1966 BM Sylloge. Well-used card covers, spine tape-reinforced, almost all pages unmarked. Essential! £15
ANOTHER: 1949 RARE1st EDITION, signed by William O'Sullivan himself on presentation to G.Askew, January 1950. £35.
HIBERNO-NORSE COINS IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. Dolley's classic 1966 Sylloge, where he originates the use of ‘Phases’.Of paramount importance. 230pp, 500+ photos. Rare, fetches up to £65. Unused, as new (in dustjacket). £44 SOLD
ROTH’S HIBERNO-DANISH COINS, 1910. 92 pp, 10 plates. 484 collotype photos (can magnify infinitely). Until O’Sullivan (1949), the standard work. Still immensely useful (for identification, for examination of designs and for sections such as “The Human Hand on Hiberno-Danish Coins”. With the author’s handwritten and initialled corrections. Red boards, worn (this rare book is always well-used). Rare. £110 postpaid.
ULSTER MUSEUM SYLLOGE. JOHN-EDWARD III (Irish) 1968. By Dolley & W.Seaby. Hardback, 125pp inc.26 excellent Plates. The essential reference, everything illustrated. Bruised corner to cover, otherwise a clean (unused?) copy of this very elusive work. £33
COINAGE OF WILLIAM WOOD, Nelson (1903). Including Patterns. 1959 reprint, 50pp, good plates. Very scarce. £24
PORTRAIT GROATS of HENRY VIII, A.J.Laker. 1978. Fully illustrated, including several pages on the Irish issues, some very rare. 24pp, A5, yellow card covers. As new. £18 SOLD
IRISH COINS, Teahan/National Museum of Ireland.. 31pp, ideal introduction to all periods. Full of photos. £9
(IRISH) COINS & MEDALS, Bateson. 20pp Guide to Ulster Museum's collection. £8 Sold
IRISH COINS AND MEDALS, Dr A.Went (1978). Superb, 30pp, packed with detailed colour plates, art paper. All about Ireland's greatest Medalists and their Medals. Essential. MINT STATE, as made. £16.
SILVER SCOTTISH/IRISH SCHOOL MEDALS before 1872 , Grimshaw. Privately published (Cambridge), glossy fine-art quality. 56pp, 19x27cms, superb photos. Very scarce. £18
IRISH BANKNOTES 1783-2001, MacDevitt. 153 pages, glossy covers, fully illustrated, values in FIVE grades. Invaluable Standard Reference! £15 postpaid.
CONSOLIDATED BANKNOTES (Ploughman) 1929-41, Derek Young. 1977, 64pp. Card covers, edges worn, otherwise as new. A most useful book. £12
BRITISH NUMISMATIC JOURNAL 1973. 185pp., boards. Includes Seaby and Brady on the Irish Gold Pistoles £30
BNJ 1976, 120pp: includes Dykes on Edward III’s Irish coinage; Hiberno-Norse; etc. £18
BNJ 1987, 190pp: includes Seaby’s “Irish Half-Harps of Henry VIII”. £24
BNJ 1969. 238pp. Dolley/Hackman on Henry VIII Irish; the Elizabeth I Offaly hoard; etc. £24 hh
IRISH TOKENS/COINS, Woodside: A4, private edition of just 150, cross-referencing 1500+ items (many unrecorded) Truck, advertising, Co-Op invaluable! £14
COINAGE OF IRELAND DURING THE REBELLION, F.Willson Yeates. 1919-20 BNJ separate reprint, 39pp+, superb plates of siege money. Signed to reknowned collector Lt.Col. Morrisson, 1922. Useful, fascinating. RR. SOLD(£55)
ANOTHER. 'Unofficial' cover: sometime extracted from the original (first appearance) BNJ yearbook. £27
W.B.YEATS & THE DESIGN OF IRELAND'S COINAGE. Dolmen Press, Dublin 1972, 76pp Super photos of 1927 Patterns submitted by the various contenders. Further articles by Went & Cleeve. Rare. (Sold:Wanted).
NSI PAPERS 15/16, 1973. Inc. Seaby on Countermarks/Defacing of Irish coins. £14
WILLIAMSON 17THC TOKENS 1967, Vol III, Ireland etc. 540pp. Jacket marks, but unused. Extremely useful. £22
1929, THE PANTER COLLECTION of IRISH COINS & MEDALS, Sotheby. Hammered, Milled, Siege Money and an incomparable group of Commemorative Medals and Volunteer Militia.Medals. 35 pages, 339 Lots. VERY RARE. A splendid Reference. £45
BRIDGEWATER HOUSE SALE, Sotheby, London 1972: Earls of Bridgewater Collection, numerous plates (38 major Irish Siege rariities including previously unknown GOLD DOUBLE-PISTOLE ... x2!). 615 Lots illustrated. Card covers clean (minor dents), interior close to unread. Rare & a great reference. With copy of Results. £45 SOLD
LARIVIERE IRISH Coins & Medals Collection. Spink, Feb.2006. 242 lots, all pictured in colour within the text. Over £400,000-worth of superb Irish rarities including a Gold Pistole of 1648. Absolutely pristine, glossy, unopened. With copy of results. An important reference which we use constantly. £18
++RARE! MONEY & BANKING IN IRELAND: Origins, Development, Future. P.McGowan, 1990. Glossy colour card-covers (superb Lady Lavery closeup!). Minor 'shelf-wear', rest as new. FIRST WE HAVE SEEN IN 10+ YEARS .... £33 postpaid.
LARIVIERE SCOTTISH Coins & Medals Collection. Spink, March 2006. 77 pages. 289 lots, all pictured in colour within the text. Pristine, unopened. Important. £16
THE SECRET of the GOOD SAMARITAN SHILLING, 1959. Eric Newman. (American Numismatic Society, NY). Key reference for fabricated New England Shillings. Fully illustrated (including real & false NE, Oak Tree, etc). 80pp inc.9 plates. Light cover corner-fold, otherwise almost as new. RARE. £18
PARNELL, The Uncrowned King. 1891, Edgewood Publishing Co. Philadelphia. His life and achievments. 448 pages, numerous illustrations (mainly fine portraits of O'Connell, Grattan, Redmond, Dillon, Gladstone, etc. and with a wonderfully lifelike tissue-protected 'signed' frontispiece of Parnell himself (worth £50 on its own!). 7.5 x 5 inches, green fabric boards, front gold-blocked (this dulled). Worn on edges, primarily top/bottom of spine, internally clean & possibly unopened. Rare: we couldn't trace any other. SEE OUR 'MISC.IRISH' FOR PHOTO.
(740 grams ... but price INCLUDES Registered postage worldwide: £59.
SPANISH DOLLARS AND SILVER TOKENS, Bank of England silver issues, 1797 to 1816. Kelly, 165pp. Boards, Sylloge-format, fine quality. A remarkable bargain,under half of retail price: £14
H.A.PARSONS SALE, Glendining 1954. 137pp, 23 plates. British +37 Irish. £14
RASHLEIGH II & III, Glendining 1953. 114pp, 31 plates. British & European. The pair for: £14
ELMORE JONES, 1971. 123pp, 36 plates. 1016 coins. Wonderful Anglo-Saxon Sale. £18
1937: FLETCHER COLLECTION of ENGLISH GOLD COINS. (Glendining, London). 6 plates of Hammered & Milled Gold (inc. Triple Unite, 1839 Una Pattern £5): collotype photos, allowing infinite magnification. Frayed top edge to spine, otherwise exceptional: almost as if new! Complete with Commission Form. A rare catalogue, over 75 years old. £15
1948: REVD’ SYDENHAM ROMAN & GREEK COINS. Huge 123 pp Glendining Sale Catalogue.
(President of Royal Numismatic Society, his important collection of 983 Lots sold over 3 days. Cover marks, the interior generally clean and hardly used. A rare catalogue, 65 years old. £18
SNELLING'S 1762-66 'GOLD/SILVER/COPPER COINAGE OF ENGLAND'. 10x13 inches, 186pp, 30 superb large-format plates. Three books bound as one; original covers, front-spine split. Good overall, the rare 'Copper' is perfect. £175
ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT, Duthy. 272pp. Coins, gold, stamps etc. Almost as new. £18
7000 YEARS OF JEWELLERY British Museum. Highly useful. 254pp, massive, full colour: splendid! (Heavy). £35
REMICK. BRITISH COMMONWEALTH CATALOGUE. 1971 last edition, 568pp! Ireland & 159 countries. Unsurpassed for world Patterns, Proofs, variants. Unused. Fairly heavy, but before mailing is added, just £16
ANCIENT GLASS AT THE NEWARK MUSEUM. 1976 (USA). From the Eugene Schaefer Collection of Antiquities. By Susan Auth. 235 pages, 500+ colour & b/w photos. 10.25 x 8 inches.Superb reference. As new, glossy card covers. £24
WESTERN EUROPEAN CAMEOS in the Hermitage Collection. Kagan, Ju. Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad,1973. 197 pp inc.101 full-page single-item colour plates of treasures from the 13thC onwards. In Russian & English. Board covers, matte/gloss art paper. In (scuffed) slip-box for protection, the book immaculate! £28
HARRY POTTER & The Philosopher's Stone, J.K.Rowling. Hardcover. Immaculate unopened copy (unwamted gift). At half its £12 cover price .... £6 plus postage.