BOOKS on Irish Coins ... and a few others. (PLUS POSTAGE, unless otherwise indicated).

SEABY IRELAND/SCOTLAND. 1984, but still the ESSENTIAL standard reference: all pre-1824 Irish coins are primarily referred to by ‘Seaby Numbers’. 222 pp., green hard covers. 'New;, unopened, £15. Plus postage/packing: £4.
SEABY, COINS & TOKENS OF IRELAND. 1970: ‘old’ valuations, but a fuller Gunmoney listing and 65 very detailed pages on Irish Tokens of all periods (omitted in the larger-format 1984 book) make this essential too. Almost as new. £12
DOWLE & FINN. Spink's 1969 GUIDE BOOK TO THE COINAGE OF IRELAND.127pp. Also essential! An extension of Seaby, as it includes Patterns, Voce Populi variants, and full bibliography. £18
1979 VALUES UPDATE to above, 34pp. Plates, market review £9 (rare).
SEABY, BRITISH TOKENS & Their Values, 1984 (update of 1970 edition). Harback, 200 pp: new, unused! Rare. £14
SIMON, "IRISH COINS" (1810). Luxury 1966 facsimile-reprint of just 2000 copies. Excellent on background/history of Irish issues, especially Gunmoney. Beautifully drawn plates, clear and accurate, including one of Tokens. 240 pages. Marbled green board covers, gold-blocked. 22 x 15.5 cms. Attractive, useful, collectable! Sealed in original carton. (Retails up to £40). POSTAGE INCLUDED: £25 (UK £21)
DOLLEY, MEDIEVAL ANGLO-IRISH COINS. 90pp. Incomparable! Packed with vital, detailed information. Full of info. that Seaby etc. have omitted. (No copy at present but about £45).
DOLLEY, SIGNED GIFT COPY: ANGLO-SAXON PENNIES. 1964, British Museum. Card covers, 15x22 cms. 48pp inc.16 Plates. Almost as new/unopened. Blue-penned in Gaelic "Blessings, Michael O'Dolley, Christmas 1965". £30
NELSON'S OBSIDIONAL MONEY. Irish and English Siege coins. 71pp. Full details and splendid photos of all issues. 1976 reprint of this important 1910 standard-work, still never superceded. As new. £17(sold)
THE GREEN LIST’ Spink's May 1970 special Irish Circular: selling (at mouth-watering 1970 prices!) 800+ items used for the 1969 DF catalogue above. Numerous plates, including their first in colour (Irish Gold Ring Money). Always a valuable reference, THIS copy with its pristine green covers is in mint state, fresh & unopened: an extremely rare collectible. £35
COIN CATALOGUE OF IRELAND. 1692-1969. Derek Young (1969), 82pp. Includes Yeates paper showing unadopted 1927-8 designs. 80pp.lnformative, collectable. Typical scuffs on glossy green cover (ink unstable). £12
ONLY 200 PRINTED: COINAGE AND BANKNOTES OF IRELAND 1928-93 by Chris Budesa, dedicated Modern Irish specialist. Privately printed. Lots of info. not available elsewhere. A ‘Collectors' Item’, too! £14 postpaid.
COLLECTORS COINS: IRELAND, 2000. 14x20 cms. Excellent introduction to Irish coins and their current values from the Vikings to today. Very detailed, lots of pictures,prices in 3 grades. 50 crammed pages. Outstanding value! £6
NUMISMATIC HISTORY OF IRELAND. Pennsylvania State University 1984. 30 large A4 pages, on art paper. Enlarged photos of superb EF+ Irish hammered & copper coins (mainly ex-CJD!). Very scarce mint copy. £14
THE EARLIEST IRISH COINAGE, O'Sullivan 1961, 47pp. The first modern and comprehensive introduction to Hiberno-Norse: drawings of every type, photos of 83 NMI coins. Fore-runner to Dolley's 1966 BM Sylloge. Well-used card covers, spine tape-reinforced, almost all pages unmarked. Essential! £15
ANOTHER: 1949 RARE1st EDITION, signed by William O'Sullivan himself on presentation to G.Askew, January 1950. £35.
HIBERNO-NORSE COINS IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. Dolley's classic 1966 Sylloge, where he originates the use of ‘Phases’.Of paramount importance. 230pp, 500+ photos. Rare, fetches up to £65. Unused, as new (in dustjacket). £44 SOLD
ROTH’S HIBERNO-DANISH COINS, 1910. 92 pp, 10 plates. 484 collotype photos. Until O’Sullivan (1949), the standard work. Still immensely useful for sections such as “The Human Hand on Hiberno-Danish Coins”. With the author’s handwritten and initialled corrections. Red boards, worn (this rare book is always well-used). Rare. £130 SOLD
ULSTER MUSEUM SYLLOGE. JOHN-EDWARD III (Irish) 1968. By Dolley & W.Seaby. Hardback, 125pp inc.26 excellent Plates. The essential reference, everything illustrated. Bruised corner to cover, otherwise a clean (unused?) copy of this very elusive work. £33
COINAGE OF WILLIAM WOOD, Nelson (1903). Including Patterns. 1959 reprint, 50pp, good plates. Very scarce. £24
PORTRAIT GROATS of HENRY VIII, A.J.Laker. 1978. Fully illustrated, including several pages on the Irish issues, some very rare. 24pp, A5, yellow card covers. As new. £18 SOLD
IRISH COINS, Teahan/National Museum of Ireland.. 31pp, ideal introduction to all periods. Full of photos. £9
(IRISH) COINS & MEDALS, Bateson. 20pp Guide to Ulster Museum's collection. £8 Sold
IRISH COINS AND MEDALS, Dr A.Went (1978). Superb, 30pp, packed with detailed colour plates, art paper. All about Ireland's greatest Medalists and their Medals. Essential. MINT STATE, as made. £16.
SILVER SCOTTISH/IRISH SCHOOL MEDALS before 1872 , Grimshaw. Privately published (Cambridge), glossy fine-art quality. 56pp, 19x27cms, superb photos. Very scarce. £18
IRISH BANKNOTES 1783-2001, MacDevitt. 153 pages, glossy covers, fully illustrated, values in FIVE grades. Invaluable Standard Reference! £15 postpaid.
CONSOLIDATED BANKNOTES (Ploughman) 1929-41, Derek Young. 1977, 64pp. Card covers, edges worn, otherwise as new. A most useful book. £12
BRITISH NUMISMATIC JOURNAL 1973. 185pp., boards. Includes Seaby and Brady on the Irish Gold Pistoles £30
BNJ 1976, 120pp: includes Dykes on Edward III’s Irish coinage; Hiberno-Norse; etc. £18
BNJ 1987, 190pp: includes Seaby’s “Irish Half-Harps of Henry VIII”. £24
BNJ 1969. 238pp. Dolley/Hackman on Henry VIII Irish; the Elizabeth I Offaly hoard; etc. £24 hh
IRISH TOKENS/COINS, Woodside: A4, private edition of just 150, cross-referencing 1500+ items (many unrecorded) Truck, advertising, Co-Op invaluable! £14
COINAGE OF IRELAND DURING THE REBELLION, F.Willson Yeates. 1919-20 BNJ separate reprint, 39pp+, superb plates of siege money. Signed to reknowned collector Lt.Col. Morrisson, 1922. Useful, fascinating. RR. SOLD(£55)
ANOTHER. 'Unofficial' cover: sometime extracted from the original (first appearance) BNJ yearbook. £27
W.B.YEATS & THE DESIGN OF IRELAND'S COINAGE. Dolmen Press, Dublin 1972, 76pp Super photos of 1927 Patterns submitted by the various contenders. Further articles by Went & Cleeve. Rare. (Sold:Wanted).
NSI PAPERS 15/16, 1973. Inc. Seaby on Countermarks/Defacing of Irish coins. £14
WILLIAMSON 17THC TOKENS 1967, Vol III, Ireland etc. 540pp. Jacket marks, but unused. Extremely useful. £22
1929, THE PANTER COLLECTION of IRISH COINS & MEDALS, Sotheby. Hammered, Milled, Siege Money and an incomparable group of Commemorative Medals and Volunteer Militia.Medals. 35 pages, 339 Lots. VERY RARE. A splendid Reference. £45
BRIDGEWATER HOUSE SALE, Sotheby, London 1972: Earls of Bridgewater Collection, numerous plates (38 major Irish Siege rariities including previously unknown GOLD DOUBLE-PISTOLE ... x2!). 615 Lots illustrated. Card covers clean (minor dents), interior close to unread. Rare & a great reference. With copy of Results. £45 SOLD
LARIVIERE IRISH Coins & Medals Collection. Spink, Feb.2006. 242 lots, all pictured in colour within the text. Over £400,000-worth of superb Irish rarities including a Gold Pistole of 1648. Absolutely pristine, glossy, unopened. With copy of results. An important reference which we use constantly. £18
++RARE! MONEY & BANKING IN IRELAND: Origins, Development, Future. P.McGowan, 1990. Glossy colour card-covers (superb Lady Lavery closeup!). Minor 'shelf-wear', rest as new. FIRST WE HAVE SEEN IN 10+ YEARS .... £33 postpaid.
LARIVIERE SCOTTISH Coins & Medals Collection. Spink, March 2006. 77 pages. 289 lots, all pictured in colour within the text. Pristine, unopened. Important. £16
THE SECRET of the GOOD SAMARITAN SHILLING, 1959. Eric Newman. (American Numismatic Society, NY). Key reference for fabricated New England Shillings. Fully illustrated (including real & false NE, Oak Tree, etc). 80pp inc.9 plates. Light cover corner-fold, otherwise almost as new. RARE. £18
PARNELL, The Uncrowned King. 1891, Edgewood Publishing Co. Philadelphia. His life and achievments. 448 pages, numerous illustrations (mainly fine portraits of O'Connell, Grattan, Redmond, Dillon, Gladstone, etc. and with a wonderfully lifelike tissue-protected 'signed' frontispiece of Parnell himself (worth £50 on its own!). 7.5 x 5 inches, green fabric boards, front gold-blocked (this dulled). Worn on edges, primarily top/bottom of spine, internally clean & possibly unopened. Rare: we couldn't trace any other. SEE OUR 'MISC.IRISH' FOR PHOTO.
(740 grams ... but price INCLUDES Registered postage worldwide: £59.
SPANISH DOLLARS AND SILVER TOKENS, Bank of England silver issues, 1797 to 1816. Kelly, 165pp. Boards, Sylloge-format, fine quality. A remarkable bargain,under half of retail price: £14
H.A.PARSONS SALE, Glendining 1954. 137pp, 23 plates. British +37 Irish. £14
RASHLEIGH II & III, Glendining 1953. 114pp, 31 plates. British & European. The pair for: £14
ELMORE JONES, 1971. 123pp, 36 plates. 1016 coins. Wonderful Anglo-Saxon Sale. £18
1937: FLETCHER COLLECTION of ENGLISH GOLD COINS. (Glendining, London). 6 plates of Hammered & Milled Gold (inc. Triple Unite, 1839 Una Pattern £5): collotype photos, allowing infinite magnification. Frayed top edge to spine, otherwise exceptional: almost as if new! Complete with Commission Form. A rare catalogue, over 75 years old. £15
1948: REVD’ SYDENHAM ROMAN & GREEK COINS. Huge 123 pp Glendining Sale Catalogue.
(President of Royal Numismatic Society, his important collection of 983 Lots sold over 3 days. Cover marks, the interior generally clean and hardly used. A rare catalogue, 65 years old. £18
SNELLING'S 1762-66 'GOLD/SILVER/COPPER COINAGE OF ENGLAND'. 10x13 inches, 186pp, 30 superb large-format plates. Three books bound as one; original covers, front-spine split. Good overall, the rare 'Copper' is perfect. £175
ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT, Duthy. 272pp. Coins, gold, stamps etc. Almost as new. £18
7000 YEARS OF JEWELLERY British Museum. Highly useful. 254pp, massive, full colour: splendid! (Heavy). £35
REMICK. BRITISH COMMONWEALTH CATALOGUE. 1971 last edition, 568pp! Ireland & 159 countries. Unsurpassed for world Patterns, Proofs, variants. Unused. Fairly heavy, but before mailing is added, just £16
ANCIENT GLASS AT THE NEWARK MUSEUM. 1976 (USA). From the Eugene Schaefer Collection of Antiquities. By Susan Auth. 235 pages, 500+ colour & b/w photos. 10.25 x 8 inches.Superb reference. As new, glossy card covers. £24
ENAMELLED COINS: rare 1986 Glendining catalogue of the most important collection for many years. 158 lots, glossy colour cover, includes a Charles I Crown fetching £1200; 30 years ago! With printed results. Virtually as new. £20.
WESTERN EUROPEAN CAMEOS in the Hermitage Collection. Kagan, Ju. Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad,1973. 197 pp inc.101 full-page single-item colour plates of treasures from the 13thC onwards. In Russian & English. Board covers, matte/gloss art paper. In (scuffed) slip-box for protection, the book immaculate! £28
HARRY POTTER & The Philosopher's Stone, J.K.Rowling. Hardcover. Immaculate unopened copy (unwamted gift). At half its £12 cover price .... £6 plus postage.