Hello! Welcome to the World's largest & most comprehensive stock of Irish Coins. We have supplied collectors, dealers & Museums worldwide with the finest Irish material for over 40 years. We rarely issue lists, preferring to service our clients' own 'Wants lists' on a personal basis: we've helped form most of the world's finest Irish Collections (e.g. Millenial, La Riviere, O'Hara). Some of the more interesting things we've had include the 1938 Penny, the Gold Gunmoney Shilling, the Pattern Gunmoney Groat, & the Dublin Corporation Silver 1/2d: all are Unique.

Our References: any major UK or Irish dealer or auction house. Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society. In USA, Davissons, CNG, Krause, etc. We were invited to the Manx Museum to perform a VALUATION of the largest hoard of Viking coins ever found on the Isle of Man.

Needless to say, all coins offered are unconditionally guaranteed as genuine ....

Regretfully, our 'semi-retirement' means we no longer have our regular tables at the major London coin shows (something we've done since the early '70s!), although we will usually visit, but we aim to continue having our usual tables at the bi-annual Royal Dublin Society/NSI shows in Ireland.

We welcome your enquiiries, whether about items listed here (and yes, we are happy to consider offers!), or about items you are seeking.

We are always very keen to buy good quality Irish pieces. We would, however, like to point out that we do not purchase items which appear in any way to be recently 'found' items from Ireland itself.

We look forward to hearing from you ....
Chris Denton.

LAST UPDATED 28th August 2017.

Demand for top-quality Irish coins has never been higher. While we have never stressed their investment potential as a primary reason for buying, the fact remains that, down the years, the finest Irish items have consistently increased in value. While the Recession might have been expected to slow collector-demand, the opposite happened: attendance at Irish coin shows has never been higher and demand for choice Irish coins has expanded dramatically. (Example: in the 2015 London-auctioned collection of an eminent American collector, the unique Dublin Corporation Silver Halfpenny we had supplied in the '90's at a fraction of its new record price, now made almost £10,000).  So, let us help you find these elusive pieces!